More Cable Companies Take TV Off Menu – WSJ

“I think the TV model is broken,” said Mr. Floyd.

More Cable Companies Take TV Off Menu - WSJ

Its not like we didn’t see this one coming.  I’m just surprised that it has taken this long for the tipping point to get here.

In short:

  • Cost of Content for Cable Providers is going up as their subscriber base is dropping.
  • Providers are responding by dropping channels and raising rates.


  • This trend is just going to continue.
  • Aggregate digital distribution channels (Netflix, Hulu) take the place of current Cable TV providers.
  • Cable Providers shift to infrastructure providers
  • Content providers move direct to consumer, or get in bed with existing services such as NetFlix & Hulu.

Honestly, as a subscriber, I’ve been wanting “A la carte” subscription for years now.

More Cable Companies Take TV Off Menu – WSJ.



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